Different Types of Compensation that Injured Workers in Missouri Can Receive

Workers’ compensation laws in Missouri require that employers pay for medical treatment for injuries sustained by workers while they are at work, but there is a lot more to workers’ compensation than just having your medical bills paid by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance instead of your own health insurance.  If your workplace injury leaves…

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Workers’ Compensation in St. Louis, Missouri, and Injuries You May Be Covered For

If you have been injured at work, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure that you are treated fairly by your employer under Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws. There are several kinds of injuries that can be sustained in the workplace, but a common issue with workplace injuries is the difficulty to completely treat and also…

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Five Reasons You Should Speak to a Missouri Injury Attorney About Your Formaldehyde Exposure Concerns

Those who work in flooring installation face a number of hazards, but none is more dangerous than their exposure to formaldehyde in the products they install. Formaldehyde emissions from laminate wood products have been shown to “off-gas” and put both installers and homeowners at risk of personal injuries or illnesses. A personal injury attorney could…

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The Dangers of Flooring Materials: Personal Injury Claims in the Missouri Flooring Business

Do you or a loved one work in the flooring industry and you’re dealing with a serious disease diagnosis? Are you concerned your exposure to flooring solvents has damaged your health? You might be eligible for financial compensation via a personal injury claim. Exposure to chemicals and dangerous materials is common in many industries, but…