Car Accidents and Aortic Dissection

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If you suffered non-fatal injuries resulting from a catastrophic car accident, it may be because your shoulder strap seat belt or airbag saved your life. These safety mechanisms are designed to prevent fatalities and serious life-threatening injuries. However, there are unfortunate circumstances when the safety devices themselves cause injury as a result of pressure placed on a car accident victim’s chest area. As a result, the victims may suffer from an aortic dissection which can lead to serious medical complications or death. Learn more about aortic dissections, how they are diagnosed and treated, and your options following a serious car accident. 

Seek Medical Attention 

Before you take any other steps, you should seek medical attention following a car accident. In many cases, the victim will receive a rush of adrenaline that masks actual physical injuries that can be life-threatening or need immediate surgery or hospitalization. Always seek a medical evaluation following any car accident. Additionally, if any of your injuries worsen or you develop new injuries or symptoms following a car accident, you should return to your health care provider to receive additional nautical guidance.

Aortic Dissection

The heart has a large artery known as an aorta that comes from the lower left chamber of the heart. The top of this aorta rises and then bends, and turns downwards. This smaller part at the top of the aorta that bends is called the isthmus. The isthmus is much weaker than the rest of the aortic artery and prone to tears and ruptures when impacted or harmed. If a rupture or tear occurs in the aorta, it is possible that the aorta will bleed into the middle layer, separating all of the layers. This is called an aortic dissection

Seatbelts and Airbags 

While there are many different risk factors connected to aortic dissection (such as high blood pressure, etc.), if a victim of a car accident has a strong enough impact with another vehicle that the airbag deploys or the seatbelt crushes the chest, there is a greater likelihood for the victim to develop an aortic dissection. If a victim suffers from an aortic dissection resulting from a car accident, they may not immediately notice their symptoms. However, an aortic dissection can lead to internal bleeding, heart damage, organ failure, strokes, or death

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Today 

If you suffered an aortic dissection as a result of a car accident, you may be facing substantial medical bills, loss of wages due to your inability to return to work, and pain and suffering. Additionally, you may face severe medical issues for months or years to come as a result of your aortic dissection diagnosis. Contact an experienced car accident attorney today at Walton Telken today to help you understand how to ensure your legal right to compensation for your injuries and losses remain protected. Contact us online or at (844) 515-2997 today. 

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