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Our chlorpyrifos lawsuit lawyers can help you claim compensation if your child has been hurt by chlorpyrifos exposure. You deserve answers, and you may deserve financial compensation.

If your child is suffering from neurological issues, chlorpyrifos exposure may be to blame. Secondary exposure from a parent working on a farm or chlorpyrifos in the water supply may have caused or contributed to these issues. Our lawyers can help you claim monetary compensation.

What is a chlorpyrifos lawsuit?

A chlorpyrifos lawsuit is a claim for financial compensation for a victim of chlorpyrifos exposure. If a child has neurological issues after having contact with the pesticide, the manufacturer and other parties may be legally liable to pay damages. A lawsuit is the legal process for the victim to receive compensation. The victim may have representation from a lawyer for chlorpyrifos lawsuits.

What kind of lawyer do I need for a chlorpyrifos lawsuit?

The kind of lawyer who handles chlorpyrifos lawsuits is a personal injury lawyer. They represent the individual and their rights. They initiate the case and provide representation to their client against the party who is responsible for the harm that has occurred. A personal injury lawyer may handle a range of injury claims, all of which focus on the victim when they have been hurt by the actions of others.

*Has your child been exposed to chlorpyrifos? Let the Walton Telken, Injury Attorneys team help you claim compensation. The time to file is limited, so call us today.

How can a chlorpyrifos lawyer help me?

A chlorpyrifos lawyer can help you with any of the following:

  • Identifying if your child is the victim of chlorpyrifos exposure
  • Proving the link between exposure and harm to your child
  • Determining immediate and long-term damages
  • Gathering the scientific evidence needed to prove the claim
  • Valuing the compensation due
  • Understanding complex jurisdictional issues and what court should hear the claim
  • Writing court documents, pleading the appropriate causes of action
  • Speaking on your behalf in court
  • Negotiating a settlement
  • Understanding and explaining complex legal issues

When you work with the chlorpyrifos lawyers at Walton Telken, Injury Attorneys, we assist you throughout the entire process. We have the experience, skills and drive to get results, handling all of the many complex tasks involved when your child has been hurt by chlorpyrifos exposure.

Chlorpyrifos Lawsuits

Are there chlorpyrifos lawsuits?

Yes, families of children who have suffered neurological issues after exposure to chlorpyrifos have filed suit. Two cases are Avila v. Corteva Inc. No. 20C-0311 (Cal. Super. Ct. Oct. 27, 2020) and Calderon de Cerda v. Corteva Inc., No. 20C-0250 (Cal. Super. Ct. Sept. 16, 2020). The suits are on behalf of minor children who were exposed to chlorpyrifos by proximity to farming and employment of family members.

Who are the defendants in the chlorpyrifos lawsuits?

The primary defendant in the chlorpyrifos lawsuits is Corteva (Lorsban), the manufacturer of the pesticide. They were previously known as Dow Agrosciences, which is part of Dow Chemical Company. In addition to the product manufacturer, litigants have also named municipalities, alleging that they negligently allowed the pesticide to contaminate the local water supply.

What is the legal basis for the chlorpyrifos lawsuits?

There are three legal theories for the chlorpyrifos lawsuits:

Unreasonably dangerous – product liability – A pesticide can be unreasonably dangerous from a legal standpoint if it is riskier than the consumer might anticipate.  The design itself can be the basis of legal liability because manufacturers did not sufficiently test the product and take risks into account when developing it for sale.

Failure to warn – product liability – Consumers have a right to know when a product they use may be dangerous. They deserve to have fair warnings about potential toxicity and how to handle a harmful substance safely. The lack of warnings may be the basis for legal liability.

Negligence – Negligence is a lack of reasonable care based on the circumstances. Companies have a duty of care to act safely to prevent harm to others, just like people do in society. A lack of reasonable care in any step of the manufacturing, marketing and sale of chlorpyrifos may make the manufacturer legally liable. In addition, a third party like a farm or even a city may be negligent for allowing individuals to have harmful contact with the pesticide.

Chlorpyrifos Compensation

What compensation is available for chlorpyrifos lawsuits?

If you are a victim of chlorpyrifos exposure, you may claim the following compensation:

  • Medical expenses – short term and long term
  • Long-term care needs for severe disabilities including nursing care and in-home care, if necessary
  • Physical and cognitive therapies
  • Lost wages and income
  • Household help and care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

When chlorpyrifos causes injury, all categories of compensation can be significant. Your lawyer for chlorpyrifos lawsuits can help you claim each applicable type of damages.

About Chlorpyrifos Injuries

Is chlorpyrifos harmful to humans?

Yes, chlorpyrifos may be harmful to humans. Within the body of an organism, chlorpyrifos metabolizes into a dangerous oxon that is toxic. This may also occur when the pesticide mixes with water and chlorine or bromide. Sunlight may also cause a harmful conversion. Neurological issues in growing children and developing fetuses may be linked to chlorpyrifos exposure.

Has the EPA banned chlorpyrifos?

Yes, the EPA banned chlorpyrifos in 2021. The pesticide may no longer be used on agricultural products in the United States. Before the nationwide ban, the State of California already prohibited the sale and use of chlorpyrifos products, and New York, Maryland, Oregon, Maine and Hawaii also took steps towards banning the substance.

Why is chlorpyrifos such a risk?

Chlorpyrifos has been linked to brain damage in children and fetuses. It may contribute to autism, cognitive and intellectual disabilities and other nervous disorders. It is such a risk because it metabolizes into oxon in the body of an organism. The oxon compound is much more toxic than its basic form and harmful to humans.

About Chlorpyrifos

Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate insecticide. Its purpose is to control bugs in agricultural soil. First patented in 1966, use continued for decades on a variety of crops including fruit and nut trees as well as row crops. In 2000, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned the pesticide for residential use.

In four California counties alone, farmers used 61 million pounds of the pesticide between 1974 and 2017. From spraying in the fields, farm workers then brought the harmful substance home to their families. In testing, scientists found the substance in home carpeting, walls and even a teddy bear. Victims believe that children developed neurological issues through exposure from parents working on farm as well as from the water supply.

Our Chlorpyrifos Lawsuit Lawyers – Free Consultation

The Walton Telken, Injury Attorneys team represents children and their families who are victims of chlorpyrifos exposure. We have 135 years of combined experience, dedicated to helping personal injury victims like you. Experience matters. Our team works thoroughly on your behalf to address all the legal issues. We help you recover financially, so that your family can recover and rebuild.

See how we can represent you on a contingency fee. That means you only pay if we win, and we don’t get paid until you do. 

Let our chlorpyrifos lawsuit lawyers help you recovery the maximum monetary damages so you can focus on your family. Contact us today to talk about your case.

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