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Did you know that of all the millions of car accidents that take place across the nation every year, a majority (more than 80 percent, or about 2.5 million accidents) involve someone being struck from the rear? St. Louis (along with all of Missouri and Illinois) are no exception to this rule, but it is important to note the part that tailgating plays in this sobering statistic. When drivers maintain a safe distance, travel at safe speeds, and pay attention to the road rather than distractions, many of these accidents could easily be prevented.
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Rear-end car accidents are surprisingly common in St. Louis and can come with long-term repercussions. Even though this is often not the most severe kind of car accident you could get into, it can still cause serious bodily injuries and disrupt your life.

If you are the victim of a rear-end accident in St. Louis, you may not know what to do next or how you can get reimbursement. Contact us today at Walton Telken Injury Attorneys for legal representation from an experienced St. Louis rear-end car accident attorney. We can help you prove the full worth of your claim to the insurance company.

Common Injuries From a Rear-End Collision

Many people fail to realize how dangerous rear-end collisions can be when it comes to physical injuries. Depending on the situation, these crashes range from mild to severe and could even result in fatalities at highway speeds.

Here are some of the most common injuries reported in these kinds of rear-end collisions:

  • Whiplash
  • Cervical spine damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Compression fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Many of these injuries result from the restraint force of your seatbelt at the time of the collision, as you are held from flying forward and rebound back into your seat. But you are always safer when you wear a seatbelt as it helps to prevent more serious injuries, especially if the other vehicle failed to slow down at all.

Whether you believe you are seriously injured or not, you should always seek medical attention after a car accident. Many of these injuries may not be noticeable after the accident but require treatment before they become more serious. An excellent example of this is a concussion or traumatic brain injury, both of which may not show any signs until hours or days after the accident.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Rear-End Collision?

If you are the victim of a rear-end car accident, you can file a claim to recover damages. It is a good idea to hire an experienced car accident lawyer to help you do this since they can help prove the full extent of the compensation you deserve.

There are generally two types of damages that could apply to your rear-end accident claim, which include economic damages and non-economic damages. Here are some examples of both types of damages that you may be entitled to:

  • Medical expenses: If you were injured in a rear-end accident, any kind of injury will qualify for compensation. This includes the medical care you sought after the accident and other medical expenses such as surgery, treatments, and medications.
  • Lost wages: Car accident injuries can have a life-altering impact on your career, including lost wages if you have to take time off work or have to cut back on your hours.
  • Vehicle damage: A common type of economic damage includes reimbursement of repairs or replacement of the vehicle if it was severely damaged by the other driver.
  • Pain and suffering: A type of non-economic damage includes the pain and suffering as a result of the accident. This could include emotional distress and any mental anguish you experienced after the fact. Non-economic damage also includes reduced quality of life, which could be the result of your injuries having long-term consequences.

What is the Primary Cause of Rear-End Collisions in St. Louis?

Many things can cause a rear-end collision, which is why these accidents are so common. Most of the time, this occurs when the car behind another car is tailgating them, which does not allow adequate time for the vehicle to stop.

Distracted driving

By far, the most common cause of rear-end car accidents is distracted driving. The driver may not be paying attention to the road if they are on their phone or looking at the side of the road. When your vehicle is stopped at an intersection or needs to hit the brakes, a distracted driver might collide with you, unaware they need to stop.

Reckless driving

It is imperative for drivers to drive responsibly so that everyone on the road stays safe. Rear-end collisions happen when drivers are reckless and disregard safety and best driving practices.

They may be speeding, which doesn’t leave enough time for stopping behind other vehicles.

Other examples of reckless driving include driving while intoxicated, which hinders the driver’s ability to respond quickly. They may also be driving when they are tired, which puts other drivers at risk since they are not as responsive and may fall asleep at the wheel.

Road rage is a very serious form of reckless driving where the driver may intentionally tailgate the car in front of them to hurry them up.

Limited visibility

There are some circumstances related to rear-end accidents that aren’t always preventable. Circumstances like bad weather conditions and fog can cause limited visibility, making it difficult to stay at a safe distance and see what the driver ahead is about to do.

Is a Driver Who Rear-Ends Someone Automatically at Fault?

You may assume that the driver who rear-ended you is automatically at fault, but that isn’t always the reality. Although this usually is the case, there are certain situations where the case is more complicated.

For example, if you were the driver who hit somebody else from behind, you may not be at fault if the person in front of you slams on their brakes for no reason. Or, the driver ahead may not have used their turn signals or hazard lights to warn you that they are slowing down or stopping.

Someone may also not be at fault if the driver in front of them started to reverse without warning.

All of these exceptions need a reliable attorney to investigate the proportion of fault attributed to each driver.

Contact Walton Telken Injury Attorneys About Your Rear-End Collision Case

If you have been the victim of a rear-end car accident, you need to understand your rights and the kind of compensation you may qualify for. After all, these car accidents can have long-term repercussions that negatively impact your life. It’s our commitment to help you move forward physically and financially.

At Walton Telken Injury Attorneys, we are dedicated to seeking the best possible outcome for clients hurt in rear-end collisions. Contact us today at 844-307-7349 or online to speak with a rear-end accident attorney in St. Louis regarding the details of your case.

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