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Severe burns can cause lifelong complications and disfigurement. If you or a loved one suffered a serious burn and another party's negligence is to blame, let our burn injury lawyers in St. Louis work on pursuing compensation. We handle burn cases involving flames, hot surfaces, chemicals, electrical accidents, and more.
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If you or someone you love was seriously burned, you may wonder about what would happen next. Is the burn life-risking? Will the burn even truly heal?

You may have many questions, but you do have someone to turn to. Contact a qualified St. Louis burn injury lawyer at Walton Telken Injury Attorneys for help. Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with severe burn injury cases, and will fight for your interests no matter how complex.

Causes of Serious Burns

Burns are injuries to the skin (and occasionally underlying tissue) from various causes. The most common cause of burns is fire or heat, but exposure to chemicals, electric shock, and radiation may also cause burns.

Open flame

Almost half of all burns are caused by fire or flame. Property fires are the most common cause of burns. Outside of residential settings, fires may happen anywhere, at any time, including at workplaces, nursing homes, or hotels.


A third of burns are caused by scalding, involving hot water or steam. High pressure steam pipes may carry steam at temperatures higher than those of boiling water. Should those pipes break, it may burn anyone in the vicinity.

According to OSHA regulations, heated water or steam pipes within seven feet of the floor or fifteen inches from stairways, ramps, or fixed ladders are required to be insulated, to prevent those nearby from being burned.

Hot objects

Hot objects cause around ten percent of burns. Some objects may visibly glow when heated, while others like radiators may look like normal metallic objects, even at a temperature of several hundred degrees.


Chemicals have also been known to cause burns. Acids are a common source of chemical burns, but bases, many of which are known as hydroxides, also cause chemical burns. Acids may be used in bleaching or cleaning, as well as in the manufacture of various chemical products. Various safety procedures exist to ensure that any chemicals do not leak out into the immediate environment and cause harm to others.

Electrical accidents

One hazardous source of burns is electricity. Both low-voltage and high-voltage electricity can cause burns. In addition to skin and muscle damage, exposure to electricity may lead to muscle spasms, causing broken bones, and even heart damage or heart stoppage. There are regulations regarding working around electrical installations and wiring which are designed to prevent electrical burns and injuries.


Lastly, while uncommon, radiation may also cause burns. While handling or working near radioactive materials may be the most well-known cause of exposure to radiation causing burns, other causes may include microwave radiation, from malfunctioning microwaves or broadcast transmitting equipment, or ultraviolet radiation, such as from welding or UV sterilization equipment. Regulations have been established to ensure that radiation guidelines are not exceeded, to prevent injury or death.

If you have been burned either at work, in a car accident, or due to failure of an individual or business to follow required safety guidelines, you may need the help of a St. Louis burn injury lawyer. Contact us for more information regarding your potential case. We can help assess who is responsible for your damage.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burns are generally classified into four degrees.


The simplest form is the first-degree, and affects only the epidermis. This injury may be slightly painful, but goes away after a short period of time. Skin peeling may occur.


Second-degree burns extend deeper into the dermis, the growing layer of the skin. These burns involve blistering of the skin, and extreme pain. Deeper burns involve a feeling of pressure.

These burns take from two weeks to several months to heal. Scars may be possible, but are often absent after shallower burns. Infection is a possibility. Deeper second degree burns may involve contracture of the skin around the scars, which will likely require surgery.


Third-degree burns are quite severe, and extend throughout the skin. These burns are painless, and often involve charred skin. Significant scarring results, and in some cases surgery is necessary to remove the damaged skin. These burns take months to heal, and some may never do so without surgery.


Fourth-degree burns extend from the skin into deeper tissue. These burns are painless, but extensive. The burned tissue must be amputated. These burns require an extensive recovery time, often in a specialized burn unit.

Burn Injury Treatment

Simple first-degree burns may be treated by individuals at home. Lidocaine ointment may help relieve the pain, while antibiotic ointment may help reduce the risk of infection.

Second-degree burns should be covered with dressings, and over-the counter pain medication should be taken. A tetanus shot may be advised. It’s generally advised to see a doctor for second-degree burns.

If you have a third-degree burn, you should head immediately to an emergency room for evaluation and treatment. Intravenous fluids may be administered. Surgery may be required to remove burned skin. Skin grafts may also be administered.

Fourth-degree burns will require treatment at a specialized burn center. Treatment may include amputation of burned areas, long-term IV feeding, and antibiotics. The patient must be monitored for an extensive period of time.

If a patient is burned over a significant percent of their body, they are at a greater risk for death. For example, those with burns over forty percent of their body have an over twenty-five percent chance of dying.

According to the American Burn Association, as of 2016, around thirty thousand people in the United States were admitted to burn centers, with a survival rate of over 96%.

If you or a loved one have suffered burns due to another person or organization’s negligence, it is important to not only obtain proper treatment for the burns in question, but also to keep a record of all the treatments given, as well as their cost. Proper treatment prevents your being accused of negligence, which may lessen your burn injury settlement. A record of costs ensures that you have a reliable claim to damages from your injuries.

How Much Is a Burn Settlement Worth?

Burn injury settlements cover a variety of factors, and can be classified into several types, each of which may have an impact on what you may receive.

Certain expenses are specific and quantifiable. These damages include medical expenses, medications, lost wages, rehabilitation and therapy, and travel to rehabilitation and treatment. Make sure you keep a record of all these expenses, as it will make it easier for lawyers to help quantify the damages.

Additional expenses may not be as specific, and may be based on more subjective factors, such as pain, distress, and the loss of enjoyment of life. If you were burned by someone maliciously, or if safety procedures were recklessly disregarded, you may also be eligible for punitive damages. A qualified St. Louis burn injury lawyer at our firm will be able to help explain these concepts and how they apply to you.

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