Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence in Car Accident Injury Lawsuits

If you went to school during the era of New Math, you probably had to solve at least one set …

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Rear end accident St. Louis MO

How Accident Reconstruction Can Affect Your Car Accident Lawsuit

“Does being a car accident reconstructionist sound like a fun job?” is one of those “yes or no” questions that …

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Accident injury case

Women Are at Risk of Work Injuries, Too

If you do not personally know someone who has suffered a serious injury at work, then your mental image of …

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Car Accident Attorney in Edwardsville, Illinois

Vehicle Safety Recall Notices Make a Difference in a Car Accident Lawsuit

As more and more people use the Internet to pay bills and for personal communication, the percentage of postal mail …

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Meeting with a Lawyer

Car Accident Injury Lawsuits: When Not to Sue

If you work in a profession where you have to pay for insurance that covers you if you are named …

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Pedestrian accident

Famous Vehicle Recalls from Automotive History Are a Reminder to Take Vehicle Safety Seriously

At a great Midwestern summer barbecue, it doesn’t take long for people to start reminiscing about their youth and the …

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workers compensation lawyer

What Does Attorney-Client Privilege Mean in Personal Injury Lawsuits?

To be successful in a lawsuit, especially in one that goes to trial, a client and his or her attorney …

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workers compensation claim

The Step By Step Guide: How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

In the state of Missouri (and everywhere else in the United States), employers are legally required to pay workers’ compensation …

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Workers Comp Claim

Claiming Compensation: How to Get the Most Out of a Workers Comp Claim

There have been more than 2.8 million work-related injuries recorded in the past year. Most of these injuries involve a workers comp …

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New Illinois Texting and Driving Law

No More Warnings for Texting and Driving for Illinois A new Illinois texting and driving law enacted on July 1st …

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