Can My Worker’s Comp Claim Be Denied?

Workmen’s compensation was designed to provide employees with income to pay for living expenses and medical bills while recovering from …

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Faulty Commercial Vehicle Tires Are A Big Risk On The Road

Tires are one of the three main expenses for commercial fleets, along with labor and fuel. Unfortunately, they are often …

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Adam Bragee Named Madison County Bar Association President

Edwardsville, IL — Walton Telken Injury Attorney’s Adam W. Bragee is now the President of the Madison County Bar Association. …

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Can An Insurer Deny Workman’s Comp For Lost Wages & Medical Costs?

After an employee has been injured on the job and notified all of the proper parties, it is only natural …

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Making an Insurance Claim for Business Interruption From COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on the global economy, and its effect on businesses throughout the United …

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Paragard IUD Lawsuit

Have you or a loved one experienced breakage when your Paragard IUD was removed? If so, you may be able …

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Uber Sexual Assault Attorney

Rideshare giant Uber has been no stranger to controversy since the company’s meteoric rise as a transportation company. Now the …

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Could a Malaria Drug Help Extend the Lives of Mesothelioma Victims?

Recently, researchers in China revealed that they may have discovered a way to prolong the lives of mesothelioma victims using …

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Divorced Plaintiffs, Don’t Worry: Your Ex-Spouse Has No Claim to Most of Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement Money

You probably did not visit a personal injury law website in the hopes of reading about divorce law, but it …

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How Is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Close to six million car accidents take place in the United States each year. And of those collisions, almost 90% …

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