Christmas Tree Fire

Holiday Safety Tips: How to Avoid Christmas Tree Fires
 | St. Louis, MO

With the holidays upon us, many of our homes will be decked out with decorations marking the season, including Christmas trees. While Christmas trees are a key part of the holiday season, they also must be handled responsibly, because if they aren’t, they can pose a fire risk. Per KERO-TV, the National Safety Council (NSC)…

Asbestos Liability

Can I Sue My Family Member’s Employer If They Were at Fault for My Asbestos Exposure? | St. Louis, MO

The Los Angeles Times recently featured a story about a decision in the California Supreme Court concerning whether employers can be held responsible if a worker accidentally brings home asbestos from a job site and exposes members of his or her household to it. When this occurs, it is known as secondhand asbestos exposure. Can…

St. Louis Asbestos Attorney

Could My Apartment Complex Be Exposing Me to Asbestos? | St. Louis MO

In early November, an apartment complex management company was charged with exposing residents to asbestos, according to KCNC-TV. Per the report, in addition to the company itself, one of its executives is facing charges as well for the events that led to the alleged apartment resident asbestos exposure. How Were Apartment Residents Exposed to Asbestos?…

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Recall Alert: Is It Safe to Use the Teleflex Internasal Mucosal Atomizer? | St. Louis MO

Recently, CNN reported that a recall has been issued for the Teleflex internasal mucosal atomizer. The recall involves the use of the atomizer to administer Naloxone, a drug used to treat opioid and heroin overdose. It is a voluntary recall issued by Teleflex, the company that manufactures the potentially defective medical devices. What’s Wrong with…

St. Louis Asbestos Lawyer

Can I Sue My Employer for Asbestos Exposure? | St. Louis MO

In October, a man filed a lawsuit against his former employer claiming that the company’s negligence led to him suffering asbestos exposure. Due to his alleged exposure to asbestos, the man has had to deal with asbestos-induced diseases, loss of income, disability and increased medical expenses. The man’s lawsuit involves several companies he holds responsible…

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Are Roundabouts Safer Than Normal Intersections? | St. Louis MO

The Edwardsville Intelligencer recently published a story regarding plans to turn the intersection where Route 162 and Keebler Road meet in Maryville into a roundabout to improve safety. This intersection’s current design is considered dangerous, having led to multiple car accidents, including a July 2015 wreck that claimed a young woman’s life. These changes are…

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Is the FDA Doing Anything to Stop Companies from Hiding Medical Device Injuries?

In October, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported on a story involving US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and how they may be enabling companies to cover up medical device injuries. It appears that the Star Tribune story touched a nerve over at the FDA, leading to changes that could help prevent medical device manufacturers…