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If you have a medical condition from toxic exposure or were injured from a defective product, you are likely not alone. You may be eligible to file a claim against the negligent parties as part of a class action lawsuit.

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Walton Telken is a trial law firm with the skills and tenacity to pursue damages against the largest manufacturing and service corporations in the United States. We are committed to advocating for individuals and groups of clients in class action lawsuits to try and seize a corporation’s illegal practices. Our firm’s St. Louis, St. Clair and Madison County, Illinois, class action lawyers are driven to recover maximum compensation for accident victims and their families.

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Our firm’s personal injury attorneys aggressively advocate for corporations to pay for their wrongful conduct. For experienced legal counsel, contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation at one of our office locations in Illinois or Missouri. We handle toxic torts and class actions on a contingency basis — we won’t get paid unless you do.

Handing Toxic Tort Claims in Missouri and Illinois

To cut costs, some companies overlook or ignore environmental safety regulations, ultimately putting workers and community members at great risk. Obtain experienced legal counsel if you or your loved one has suffered a serious disease or medical condition based on prolonged or immediate exposure to dangerous chemicals in the air or groundwater.

Our firm’s St. Louis, Missouri, toxic tort claims attorneys will apply their years of experience and legal skills in pursuit of securing your legal rights. We have experience handling complicated chemical dumping and toxic tort claims. Our firm knows firsthand that the best way to stop illegal activity in the environment is to fight for damages against the negligent parities. Our legal team is committed to helping you recover full and fair compensation through a class action or individual claim.

Pursuing an Upper Hand Through Class Action Litigation

Large corporations are known to invest substantial resources into strong legal counsel. People who were treated unfairly by a corporation often do not have the financial resources to take them on in litigation. But combined, individual claims can quickly add up to have significant legal and financial implications, even for Fortune 500 companies. At Walton Telken, we are committed to pursuing justice for groups of individuals who were taken advantage of by large and small companies in class action lawsuits.

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