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Have you ever felt that you and others in similar circumstances (maybe your co-workers, neighbors, or others who have purchased products or services like yours) have been cheated by a large company, but that there isn’t anything you can do about it on your own?

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Class Action LawsuitCould You Benefit By Being Part of a Class of Plaintiffs?

Giving the “little guy” a fighting chance in such situations is the whole purpose of class actions and the reason that Walton Telken is committed to pursuing such cases. There is a wide range of potential class actions that result from the misconduct of greedy corporations. Just a few examples of the sort of class actions in which our lawyers have been involved or are investigating include:

  • Pension Benefits Cases
  • Overtime Compensation Cases
  • Toxic substance Exposure Cases
  • Consumer Product Safety Cases
  • Bogus Service Agreement Cases
  • Wrongful Insurance Coverage Cases
  • Breach of Warranty Cases
  • Illegal Hidden Charges Cases

As different as these cases may sound, the essential feature which they all share is the David-like victims’ ability to unite to pool the strength-in-numbers resources necessary to bring modern corporate Goliaths to justice.

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Walton Telken is a litigation law firm whose attorneys have experience representing clients in class action lawsuits against many of the largest manufacturing and service corporations in America. Facing a class action suit is often the only way to stop a corporation’s illegal practices and make them pay for their wrongful conduct.

“The sad truth is that after being victimized by unfair corporate practices in the first place, many ordinary people can be victimized again by lawyers with the best of intentions but resources that simply can’t stand up to the “scorched earth” approach that big corporations often take in attempts to keep legitimate class actions from getting off the ground. We take pride not only in helping individuals and small businesses defend their rights against big companies, but also in backing our representation with the resources necessary to ensure that our clients’ claims are taken seriously.”
— the attorneys at Walton Telken

How Do You Know If You Are Part of a Class of Plaintiffs?

You might not know if you belong to a class of plaintiffs until you contact us to talk to an experienced attorney. We offer a free consultation to discuss your claim and we will give you an honest assessment of your case. There may already be a class action suit underway, or your case may spur legal action.

In addition, we also represent clients suffering personal injury resulting from defective products:

  • Contact with dangerous chemicals, toxic torts
  • Injuries from lead and other harmful materials
  • Dangerous toys
  • Car accidents resulting from defective auto equipment

We also work with other attorneys on a professional referral basis

Contact us to learn more about class action lawsuits and how you can benefit from joining a class of plaintiffs.

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