How to Stop Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Before It Starts

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When we place our elderly family members in nursing homes, it’s with the understanding that we are giving them a better lifestyle than we can provide. Unfortunately, these facilities are not always what they appear. As a result, our loved ones are at risk of being exposed to the unimaginable horrors of nursing home abuse. One such horrific incident happened earlier this year in Champaign, Illinois. It involved a nursing home employee who was arrested for trying to solicit others to have sex with patients while he videotaped the acts.

The employee’s victims were women who ranged in age from 88 to 95. All of the women were memory-care patients. Therefore, each had severe memory issues, which made them easy targets for the employee. According to law enforcement, it appears that none of the men who the nursing home worker hired were ever able to complete a sex act with any of the patients. Even though the employee attempted to have the men have sex with the women in the middle of the night, the patients were conscious and able to fight the men off. Citing a guilty conscience, one of the men the employee hired told the police what was happening. The nursing home employee faced up to 15 years behind bars as a result of the incident.

Tips to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

The incident that took place in Champaign is unfortunately not an isolated event. Nursing home abuse and neglect is a continuing issue. Therefore, families must do as much as they can to ensure their elderly loved ones do not become victims, including:

  • Know the signs that nursing home abuse and neglect could be taking place
  • Try to be a constant presence at the nursing home visiting your relative frequently
  • If you can’t visit your relative, call as much as possible
  • Check your elderly relative’s bank and credit card statements for signs of financial abuse
  • Keep an eye out for clues that abuse or neglect is occurring
  • Talk to your elderly relative as much as possible. Take note if they complain about anything suspicious.
  • Report anything you suspect to the nursing home and if necessary, law enforcement
  • Remove your elderly relative from a facility if you do not feel like it is safe

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