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Ever since the classic era of the Dilbert comic strip in the 1990s, workers in a variety of industries have been fond of complaining that paperwork, or, more recently, electronic record keeping, has made them less efficient at their jobs and has made work feel like even more of a hassle.  While it is usually a good idea to put your efforts into providing the best services for your clients, patients, or students rather than into filing forms, reporting work injuries is one area where you cannot afford to delay submitting the paperwork.  For any injury serious enough to require treatment by a physician, you must report the injury promptly to your employer. Failure to do so will only make it more difficult to recover compensation and will mean that you will have an uphill battle if your case ends up in a workers’ compensation lawsuit.


How to Notify Your Employer of a Work Injury

If you suffer an injury at work, you must notify your employer in writing within five days of the occurrence of the injury.  Many employers have a form employees can fill out to report work injuries. If your employer does not have one, you can download the state of Missouri’s injury report form.  If you were injured in an accident at work, you must submit this form to your employer.  If you are planning to seek workers’ compensation for an occupational disease or a repetitive trauma injury, you must submit the form to your employer within 30 days of being diagnosed with the illness or injury.  Repetitive trauma injuries are chronic conditions caused by prolonged strain to a part of the body due to one’s job duties, such as carpal tunnel syndrome from manual labor or chronic back pain from a job that involves heavy lifting.  Occupational diseases are illnesses caused by the hazards of one’s job. Examples include mesothelioma in people who work with asbestos and clinical anxiety in people with highly emotionally stressful jobs.


Why Is It Important to Notify Your Employer Promptly?

Your employer must report your injury to the state or to its workers’ compensation insurance company within five days of receiving the injury report from you. If you do not report your injury in a timely manner, it could take longer for you to begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits.  It also increases the risk of your workers’ compensation claim is denied. If your employer does not pass along the notification promptly, or if the workers’ compensation insurance delays paying for your treatment or reject your claim, you should discuss the matter with a personal injury lawyer who works with workers’ compensation cases.


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If you have done your part to get workers’ compensation but are still waiting for financial support, the next step is to consult a lawyer.  Contact Walton Telken Injury Attorneys in the St. Louis, Missouri area to see if you need help with your workers’ compensation claim or are considering filing a lawsuit.

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