Are the Railroad Crossings in Edwardsville Safe?

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i-jonesactriveranddockinjuriesThe state of Illinois recently held a third Illinois Rail Safety Week. The event happened from September 11 through September 17. The purpose of Rail Safety Week is to raise awareness about how to avoid suffering an accident while driving or walking near train tracks or a railroad crossing. The Edwardsville Police Department took the time to make sure and spread the word about the importance of railroad safety during Rail Safety Week. EPD says that thankfully train accidents involving railroad crossings in Edwardsville haven’t been a problem, but by raising awareness about the issue, they hope to keep it that way.

How Drivers and Pedestrians Can Safely Cross Railroad Tracks

Here are a few safety tips that can help pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists avoid train accidents and injuries:

  • Never walk on railroad tracks. It is illegal and dangerous. Trains travel at very high speeds and their size often means they’re unable to stop even if they see you.
  • Do not try to drive around a railroad crossing gate. When a gate is active, it means a train is approaching and you need to wait until the train passes and gate moves out of your way before you drive across the tracks.
  • Train schedules are always changing. Therefore, you should always be ready for a train to be passing through when you approach train tracks or railroad crossings.
  • Always remain alert around railroad tracks. This means look around, turn off music, don’t wear headphones and stay off your phone.
  • Bicyclists should always walk their bikes across railroad crossings to help prevent their wheels from getting caught between the tracks.

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