Is It Possible to Drive Safely in Freezing Rain?

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Per The Edwardsville Intelligencer, there were several auto accidents throughout Missouri and southern Illinois recently because of a winter storm that included freezing rain. Reportedly, large portions of I-55 and I-44 were covered in ice as a result of the storm, which is suspected to be the cause of at least one fatal traffic accident in Missouri.

Ultimately, the storm led to a slew of wrecks, school closures, flight cancellations and calls for drivers to stay off the roads. While the best way to avoid getting into a car accident in icy road conditions, what do you do if you are already on the road when freezing rain begins coming down or if you are forced to venture onto an icy road due to an emergency? Is there a way to drive safely in freezing rain?

Why Is Freezing Rain So Dangerous?

According to the National Weather Service, freezing rain, sleet and other types of icing are dangerous to motorists because they make the roadways slick, which can prevent drivers from remaining in control of their vehicles. This can lead to vehicles sliding off the road and crashing into anything nearby, such as a tree or building. If cars or trucks that lose control in icy conditions remain on the road, they can end up colliding with other vehicles, which can result in damaged automobiles, injured vehicle occupants and even fatalities. In addition to making the roads too slippery to drive on, freezing rain can fall onto tree branches and powerlines, resulting in branches falling on passing vehicles or powerlines causing power outages that disable traffic signals and street lights.

Tips for Driving Safely in Winter Weather Conditions

If you can avoid driving on icy roads, you should. If not, AAA recommends the following safety tips for driving in winter weather conditions:

  • Drive slowly, especially when you accelerate or decelerate
  • If your vehicle has anti-lock brakes (ABS) and you need to slow down or stop suddenly, press down on brake pedal hard
  • Try to avoid driving up or down hills
  • Give yourself extra time/distance to stop or slow down as you approach intersections, traffic or other stopping points

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