The Best Course of Action in an IVC Filter Lawsuit

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There are times when medical products don’t work the way they should and can cause serious health risks. The Vena Cava IVC filter is one product known for causing complications. 

The product was originally designed to prevent blood clots from reaching vital organs. However, many patients claim they had difficulties using the product. A popular complaint is that the filters migrate to other parts of the body causing life-threatening complications.

If you experienced complications when using the IVC filter, it may be time to call a reliable St. Louis injury attorney like Stephanie Lyons.


Past and Present Lawsuits Concerning the IVC Filter

The legal battle against IVC filters began in 2012. The Bard IVC Filter is one that has been targeted for many lawsuits, but other companies have also been brought to court for manufacturing faulty filters. These brands include Cook Medical, Rex Medical, Boston Scientific and Cordis Trap Ease to name a few.

Results of the lawsuits vary with juries sometimes ruling in favor of the companies and other times ruling in favor of the patient. Other cases are still in progress and awaiting verdicts. There are thousands that are ongoing in the United States and the number is growing every day. 

  • Some common allegations include the following:
  • Failure of the manufacturers to warn of potential side effects and dangers.
  • Defective filter designs.
  • Defective manufacturing techniques.
  • Negligence and more on the part of the manufacturers and their subsidiaries. 
  • Common IVF Complications
  • If you currently have an IVF filter, here are some complications you may be dealing with: 
  • IVC filter fracture
  • Migration of the filter or filter fragments
  • Filter perforation of the heart or lungs
  • Pulmonary embolism due to defects in the filter
  • Intense prolonged pain
  • Blood clots
  • Heart failure due to a defective filter
  • Death

The filters have also been known to cause a variety of unpleasant side effects including the following: 

  • Chest and neck pain
  • Confusion and vertigo
  • Nausea, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate
  • Pain in the back, abdomen or other parts of the body

Although many patients who suffer due to an IVC filter have attempted to have them removed, often the removal process is unsuccessful and complications continue. 


What You Can Do

If you are experiencing complications due to an IVF filter, you are eligible to take legal action against the manufacturer. If the case is awarded in your favor, you may receive compensation for pain, suffering, medical costs, lost wages or more. If it can be proven that the manufacturing knowingly sold you a faulty product, you may also be eligible to file an IVC Filter lawsuit seeking punitive damages.

While some choose to file individual suits, others may join a class action suit seeking compensation for monitoring expenses. Depending on how the lawsuit progresses, you may decide to seek a settlement or take the manufacturer to court.


No matter what course of action you choose, the first step is to find reliable legal counsel

Stephanie Lyons is a St. Louis pharmacy and dangerous drugs attorney. With over 15 years of experience in the legal field, she specializes in representing victims of corporate negligence regarding medical issues. Her client-based approach allows her to develop meaningful relationships with the people she represents so that her mission becomes personal as well as professional when it comes to seeing that justice is served.

If you are suffering from IVC Filter related medical issues, don’t hesitate to call an experienced injury attorney today. Your health is important, and no corporation’s negligence should keep you from enjoying the quality of life you deserve. 

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