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Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident tend to be more severe than in other types of motor vehicle accidents. The rider, unlike the driver of an automobile, has no airbags or T-bar panel to protect against crash impact. When a rider is injured, his or her recovery time is often lengthy and costly. At the end of the healing process, a rider is left with significant medical expenses, lost income and horrendous pain and suffering.

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Edwardsville, IL Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The lawyers at Walton Telken do not recommend you deal with the insurance company on your own. An insurance company, like many other companies, is a business first and foremost. Their primary focus is serving their shareholders by paying close attention to their bottom line. An insurance adjuster may press for a speedy settlement, and the recovery may be too low to cover all of your accident-related expenses. Fortunately, you have rights and options.

You can contact us for a free initial consultation in our Edwardsville or St. Louis office. You will meet with a qualified personal injury attorney who can answer your questions and help you determine what actions would be in your best interest.

We Offer Extensive Litigation Experience

Our attorneys are skilled in building a strong case for compensation with the following motorcycle accident injuries:

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident caused by someone’s negligence, we can help the family recover full and fair money damages in Missouri or Illinois.

When you retain a lawyer from Walton Telken, you are also gaining the support of experienced accident investigators, medical experts and financial specialists.

We Work on Contingency

We understand that unpaid medical bills and job loss expenses are huge stressors to you and your family. Our motorcycle accident attorneys choose to work on contingency. We don’t get paid unless you win compensation.

Please call us before you talk to the insurance company representative. We can help make sure your rights to full and fair compensation in case of injury or fatality are protected. Call toll-free 1-844-307-7349.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment in our Edwardsville, or St. Louis law office. We serve motorcycle accident clients in Missouri and Illinois.

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