What Happens If an Ambulance Crashes Into My Car?

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An Edwardsville Fire Department ambulance was involved in a traffic crash recently, according to the Belleville News-Democrat. The ambulance had its sirens sounding and lights flashing, because it was on its way to a medical call prior to the wreck. The collision happened at the intersection of Route 111 and New Poag Road.
As the ambulance attempted to cross the intersection, it hit another vehicle that was also passing through. Reportedly, the driver of the other vehicle did not see the ambulance’s lights in time to avoid the wreck. Both the driver of the ambulance and the driver of the other car had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. The ambulance driver was issued a traffic ticket for running a red light as a result of the incident.

Why Was the Ambulance Driver Blamed for the Accident?

Prior to the crash, the other vehicle involved in the wreck was heading north on Route 111 and had the green light as it entered the intersection where the accident happened. The driver of the ambulance had a red light as it entered the intersection and crashed into the other vehicle. The reason that the ambulance driver received a citation even though he had his vehicle’s lights and siren on is because emergency response vehicles are not allowed to enter intersections against traffic lights unless it’s safe to do it. In addition to the traffic ticket, the Edwardsville Fire Department will also be conducting its own investigation into the incident.

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