Why Did Wells Pharmacy Network Issue a Nationwide Drug Recall?

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i-medicalmalpracticeA recent CNN report revealed that Wells Pharmacy Network, a pharmaceutical company, issued a voluntary recall for any of its sterile products produced between February 22, 2016 and September 16, 2016. The drug recall involves approximately 616 types of drugs. Most of the drugs are for human use. However, 31 of the products are for pets. Wells Pharmacy Network issued the recall after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised concerns.

What’s Wrong with Wells Pharmacy Network’s Drugs?

The Wells Pharmacy Network drug recall came after the FDA expressed concerns about the pharmaceutical company’s sterility assurance. The FDA was worried that Wells Pharmacy Network was distributing drugs that weren’t sterile and which may have contained microbial contamination. If this was the case, it could lead to anyone who takes the drugs suffering severe, even life-threatening, infections. So far, there have been no nonsterile drugs found as a result of the recall. In addition, no one has reported suffering any adverse reactions after taking the recalled drugs.

The FDA’s concern about the sterility of Wells Pharmacy Network’s drugs stems from the fact that the company is undergoing an expansion at their facility, which the FDA believes could have led to contamination of their products. Once the FDA discovered that Wells Pharmacy Network had not stopped production during its expansion, they asked the pharmaceutical company to issue a recall for any drugs produced while their facility was under construction.

If you encounter any Wells Pharmacy Network products, you should not use them. Instead, contact Wells Pharmacy Network to determine if the product is a part of the recall and what the process is for returning it. If you have used a Wells Pharmacy Network product and have experienced any bad reactions, seek immediate medical attention and report it the FDA.

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