Pharmacists Failing to Warn Consumers About Dangerous Drugs?

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WRSP-TV in Chicago recently reported that the governor of Illinois is calling for stricter rules regarding pharmacy consultations. The governor says the new regulations would help prevent consumers from getting hurt or killed because they were not properly warned about dangerous drugs they were prescribed.

The governor called for the changes after a Chicago Tribune investigation revealed that there are problems with current pharmacy system Illinois uses and the issues are putting consumers at risk. The proposed pharmacy regulation changes would require pharmacists to warn patients about any drug combinations involving their prescriptions that could harm them. Under the proposed rule change, pharmacists must warn consumers about dangerous drug combinations if they are buying a medication for the first time or changing prescriptions.

Currently, the law only requires pharmacists to provide patients with a brief review of the medication at the cash register. In addition to requiring pharmacists to more thoroughly warn consumers about dangerous drug combinations, the governor is planning to install a “mystery shopper” program to ensure pharmacists adhere to the new law.

What Can Consumers Do If They Are Injured by Dangerous Drugs?

If you or someone you love were injured after taking medication you were prescribed by a physician, there could be several causes for your injuries and multiple options for you to hold those at fault accountable. If the doctor or pharmacist made a mistake that resulted in your injury, then you may be able to hold him or her responsible through a medical malpractice lawsuit. If your injuries or the death of a loved one was the result of recalled and/or defective drug, you could be able to pursue a wrongful death or product liability claim against the drug’s manufacturer. Call our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers in St. Louis today for help with your claim!

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