The Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Missouri

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If there is ever a lull in the conversation at a biker bar or motorcycle rally, ask a motorcycle enthusiast about all the ways in which motorcycles are as safe as or even safer than cars.  Anyone who has a Missouri motorcycle license has had to demonstrate knowledge of how to operate a motorcycle safely in Missouri.  The reason that motorcycle accidents get so much bad press is not necessarily because motorcycles are more accident prone than cars; rather, the chances of sustaining a serious injury in a minor accident involving a motorcycle are greater than the chances of getting seriously injured in a minor car accident.  As safely as motorcyclists in Missouri may drive, many of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are related to factors outside the control of the motorcycle rider. These are some hazards of which motorcycle enthusiasts in Missouri should be aware.


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Be safe when you ride on two wheels or when driving around other two-wheeled vehicles.

The Ten Most Dangerous Situations for Motorcyclists in Missouri

  1. Lane changes – Changing lanes on a motorcycle requires even more caution and skill than changing lanes in a car.
  2. Colliding with car doors – Motorcycle riders should ride slowly and carefully past parked cars.  You can get a serious injury if someone opens a car door while you are passing by on your motorcycle.
  3. Speeding – The faster you are going at the time of the accident, the greater your risk of suffering a serious injury.
  4. Drunk driving – DWI laws in Missouri apply to motorcycles as well as cars.  If you ride your motorcycle while drunk, you risk not only injuries but also criminal charges.
  5. Lane splitting – Failure to stay in your lane is dangerous no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving.
  6. Stopping suddenly – If you stop suddenly, the vehicle behind you might not be able to stop in time to avoid rear-ending your motorcycle.  If your car gets rear-ended, it might mean just a dented bumper, but on a motorcycle, it is much worse.
  7. Inexperienced drivers – People who are new to riding a motorcycle are more likely to get into accidents.  Likewise, new drivers of cars can cause accidents involving a car and a motorcycle.
  8. Left turns – Left turns are one of the most difficult and accident-prone maneuvers motorcyclists will encounter in everyday riding.
  9. Inclement weather – Rain, snow, and ice on the road present dangers for motorcycle riders.
  10. Poorly maintained roads – Potholes, gravel, and debris on the road also increase the risk of an accident.


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With so many potential hazards on the road, even the most careful motorcycle riders run the risk of getting injured in an accident.  Even if your insurance company has offered you a settlement related to your accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer before you sign the settlement offer.  Contact Walton Telken Foster in the St. Louis area if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident; you might have grounds for a lawsuit.

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