What Should I Do If I Was Exposed to Asbestos During Building Renovations?

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The Kansas City Star released a report late last year announcing an $80 million settlement in an asbestos exposure case involving former Jackson County Courthouse employees. Reportedly, the ex-court employees were exposed to asbestos during renovations that took place at the Jackson County Courthouse over 30 years ago.

At a 2014 hearing regarding the asbestos exposure, a woman who worked in the Jackson County Courthouse at the time it was being renovated, testified about the working conditions at the time. According to her testimony, asbestos dust was blown out of her air vents as workers sawed apart heating pipes that contained asbestos insulation.

The woman alleged that in addition to asbestos dust coming out of the vents, it was spread through the courthouse as workers removed the pipes from the building. She talked about how asbestos grit and dust covered almost everything in her office.

Most of the $80 million settlement will go into a medical monitoring fund. The medical monitoring fund will be used to pay for diagnostic tests for those who were exposed to asbestos during the renovations, which is reportedly around 7,500 people. Per the report in the Star, the medical monitoring fund is believed to be the biggest such fund ever established in a Missouri asbestos exposure case.

How Does Filing an Asbestos Exposure Claim Help Victims and Their Families?

Inhaling asbestos fibers can lead to several serious conditions, from asbestosis to mesothelioma, which is a fatal form of cancer with no known cure. Since it can take decades for symptoms of mesothelioma and other asbestos exposure-related diseases to surface, these types of cases can be complex. However, with the assistance of a skilled St. Louis, MO personal injury lawyer, victims and their families can bring those responsible for their pain and suffering to justice and recover the financial help they need to afford medical expenses, lost income and funeral costs.

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