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Like many other cities, East St. Louis is filled with historic sites, cultural attractions, and exciting events; because of this, it is also filled with people driving their vehicles all around the area. Naturally, then, this creates a lot of traffic, which in turn contributes to many accidents every day. Occasionally, people are able to walk away from these accidents without too much damage done; sadly, that is not always the case. You might be one of those lucky fortunate few, but you may have life-altering mental and/or physical injuries that could take weeks to years to heal. If you have suffered injuries as a result of your involvement in an accident, call (844) 307-7349 to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced attorney with the Walton Telken Foster law firm.

Have You Been Involved in an Accident in East St. Louis, Illinois?

East St Louis Illinois Personal Injury Attorney
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When you have any kind of vehicular accident, the first thing you should do is alert law enforcement by calling 911; when you report the accident to the emergency dispatcher, you should be prepared to provide your name and contact information as well as the location and nature of the accident. A law enforcement officer may request that you tell them what happened; you should always comply with law enforcement, but beyond that, you refrain from making any statements that may suggest you are to blame for the accident and any resulting injuries to you or anyone else involved. For example, if you say, “I’m sorry” – even if you only mean it as a consolation – other parties may cite your statement as evidence to suggest that you acknowledged your responsibility. Those two simple words could mean a loss of thousands of dollars for you and your family.


Personal Injury Claims in Illinois

When you get in your car to go somewhere, you probably are not thinking about all of the potential accidents along your path, but accidents happen all the time, and regardless of how careful you think you drive, you could suffer catastrophic injuries due to road or weather conditions or someone else’s negligence. These types of injury accidents can cost a lot of money for the party responsible for the crash; they will need to reimburse victims for their current and anticipated future medical bills any maybe for their pain and suffering.


Beware Insurance Settlement Offers in Illinois

Because insurance agencies want to preserve their own funds as much as possible, they may approach you with a settlement offer soon after the accident. It is very unlikely that this initial offer will be the best offer; it may not even be sufficient enough to cover your current medical bills, not to mention any predictable future costs (which may include but are not limited to therapy, rehabilitation, medication, and doctor’s bills). While it might be tempting to accept the offer, take the money, and move on with your life as soon as you can, you would be well advised to discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney before taking any kind of legal action, including accepting any settlement offers.

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To protect yourself, give thoughtful consideration to hiring an attorney to represent you in your personal injury case. In East St. Louis, call the Walton Telken Foster law firm at (844) 307-7349 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. We offer free initial consultations and we will take cases on contingency, so you do not need to worry about paying anything unless and until you get paid.


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