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Can You Collect Worker’s Comp For A Mental Health Condition?

An individual may develop a mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder, over time due to work conditions or …

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Can My Worker’s Comp Claim Be Denied?

Workmen’s compensation was designed to provide employees with income to pay for living expenses and medical bills while recovering from …

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Can An Insurer Deny Workman’s Comp For Lost Wages & Medical Costs?

After an employee has been injured on the job and notified all of the proper parties, it is only natural …

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Accident injury case

Women Are at Risk of Work Injuries, Too

If you do not personally know someone who has suffered a serious injury at work, then your mental image of …

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The Step By Step Guide: How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

In the state of Missouri (and everywhere else in the United States), employers are legally required to pay workers’ compensation …

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Workers Comp Claim

Claiming Compensation: How to Get the Most Out of a Workers Comp Claim

There have been more than 2.8 million work-related injuries recorded in the past year. Most of these injuries involve a workers comp …

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Chronic Pain and Full-Time Employment: How Much Is Too Much?

The sound of an alarm clock or cell phone alarm ringing on a workday is unpleasant for most people, but …

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Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Pay for Cancer Treatment?

Not all work injuries are slip and fall injuries on warehouse floors or wet docks.  In fact, some of them …

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Vocational Rehabilitation and Maintenance Benefits Can Be a Boon to Injured Workers

Healthy people often daydream about what it would be like not to have to go to work, but many people …

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st louis workers comp attorney

Common Injuries and Disabilities Caused by Repeated Trauma in the Workplace

Manual labor can take a toll on your body.  Most people feel tired and sore after even just a few …

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