How Can I Stay Safe While Riding a MetroLink Train?

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i-classactionsIn an effort to piggyback on the spirit of National Preparedness Month, MetroLink spread the word about rider safety this September. The goal of the campaign was to help MetroLink riders avoid train accidents through proper preparedness. MetroLink used the event to provide safety tips to passengers, such as:

  • Making an action plan for their family in case any of them is involved in an emergency situation while riding MetroLink. This could include having a location to meet if they become separated and can’t reach each other with a call or text, or how to contact each other if their phones lose service, are lost or are broken.
  • Carrying an emergency kit while riding MetroLink. Emergency supplies you carry with you could include a flashlight, first aid kit, snacks for hypoglycemic individuals and insulin for diabetics.

Tips for Pedestrians to Avoid Train Accidents

Operation Lifesaver, a railroad safety education organization, provides tips for pedestrians to help them stay safe near railways and trains, including:

  • Only cross the tracks at designated railroad crossings.
  • Do not trespass in restricted areas at railroad tracks, crossings and stations.
  • Remember that even if a train engineer sees you on the tracks, he or she may not be able to stop the train in time to avoid hitting you, because trains can take a long time to stop.
  • Never step on or off a moving train. Even a minor trip or slip and fall accident could result in you suffering a catastrophic injury or even losing your life.
  • Do not stand near railroad tracks. The sides of trains hang three feet or more out from the tracks, which means if you are standing within three feet of the tracks as a train passes, it could hit you.

Does your family have an emergency plan in place if you’re separated in public? If so, use the social media buttons on this page to share this blog post, along with your family’s plan, on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Learning your family’s plan may help other families put together an emergency plan of their own.

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