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Personal Injury Accidents in Alton, Illinois

Like most other drivers, when you set out to drive your car to your destination, you’re probably just thinking about where you’re going, which way you’re going to go, how long it’ll take you to get there, and what you’ll do once you’re there. Fortunately, most drives from one place to another aren’t much more exciting than that, but sometimes, poor road conditions, bad weather, or negligent drivers can cause catastrophic accidents.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a vehicle or motorcycle collision, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the compensation you deserve. As experienced personal injury lawyers, attorneys with Walton Telken Foster will help you organize your case and present it in court so that you can focus on what’s most important in your life, which is getting your life back to normal. If you’re considering hiring an attorney to fight for compensation in a personal injury case, call 844-307-7349 toll-free to schedule a free consultation with an attorney from Walton Telken Foster today. There’s no obligation, and you will be able to discuss your case and find out your rights as well as the options available to you, given the specifics of your situation.


Catastrophic Personal Injuries in Alton, Ill.

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Walton Telken are personal injury attorneys in Alton, Illinois.

In mere seconds, your life can change. Suddenly, you can go from able-bodied, gainfully employed, financially stable to someone with life-threatening injuries that prevent you from being able to perform your job for which you are trained and educated – and now you have a mountain of medical bills that keep stacking up, and the doctors think you will need physical therapy, rehabilitation, and maybe even surgery. Plus, you’re in a great deal of pain, and your motorcycle or car was totaled, so you have to worry about how to get from place to place and who will pay for your new vehicle.

What you may not realize is that while your injuries may seem fairly simple and straightforward, and even though you think you will be able to heal quickly and easily, that isn’t always the case; rather, the “a headache” you developed after the accident could be anything from a concussion to a traumatic brain injury, both of which should prompt you to seek a doctor’s care. Sometimes, injuries can be as minor as scrapes and bruises, from which you can heal without medical intervention, but it’s best to make sure.


We Want to Help You Get All You Deserve

With everything you have to do, we want to help. Attorneys with the Walton Talken Foster law firm will schedule a time for you to come in for a free consultation so that you can tell us the story of what happened and then we can tell you a bit more about the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit, including what you can expect in regards to compensation and going to court.

First, we ask that our clients refrain from making any statements or discussing a case with an insurance adjuster until they consult with us. It’s in the insurance company’s best interest to get you to agree to a settlement as soon as possible, because they know that you probably aren’t as experienced in these situations as they are, so you’re more likely to settle for less than you deserve; they also know that many individuals are intimidated and even scared of the confusing, expensive, time-consuming process of filing a lawsuit.


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In Alton, the law firm to call is Walton Telken Foster. In addition to providing you a free consultation, we also accept cases on contingency, which means that we don’t get paid unless and until you do, so you have nothing to lose. Call 1-844-307-7349 toll-free today to schedule your free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney.


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